Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is a blending of several Southeast Asian traditions and places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Although the spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known, variations on traditional dishes provided at Sabiang Thai allow this wonderful cuisine to be experienced by those with with a less adventurous palate!

It is said that for every mother and grandmother in Thailand, there is a recipe for each traditional dish. Indeed,it is the combination of traditionally available ingredients in the various regions that really define Thai cuisine The fresh ingredients coupled with the cooking methods (hot and fast!) is that which brings the wonderfully complex fresh flavors to every Thailand table.

Thai food is often a balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish or meal: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. It is the wonderful mix of flavors and textures that are the hallmark of Thai cuisine.

The Four regional Thai cuisines
Thai food is not a single cuisine but one made up of example from four main regions: Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. With cultural and ethnic infusions over centuries, regional cuisines to day reflect both Eastern and Western influences while maintaining their own unique character. The regions include:

The North: In the North of Thailand, around Chiang Mai, the land is mostly jungle-covered mountains and valleys. The traditional food is mild or hot, salty and sour, but rarely sweet. Sticky rice (glutinous) is served with steamed vegetables, nam phrik oong, soups and Northern-style curries are common. Khao Soy (curry noodles), Kaeng Hang Le (pork curry), Sai Ua (spicy pork sausage),

The Northeast:
The Northeast, is a high plateau, with low rainfall and porous soil. The food is hot, salty and sour. Papaya salad (sohm tahm), sour chopped meat salad (koi), and sour minced chicken, beef, or pork salad (larb) are favorites.

Many condiments but not many dried spices are used in this region. Meals are based on sticky rice and a strong paste called nam phrik pla ra (spicy dipping sauce of fermented fish and chilis) accompanied by raw wild and cultivated vegetables and herbs.

The Central:
Central Thailand, is the home of the famous floating river market west of Bangkok. Food is mainly hot, salty, sweet and sour. Steamed jasmine rice is served with different types of nam prik (chili dipping sauces) and soups. Tom yum goong (shrimp soup with lemon grass) is a favorite dish. Prepared dishes usually contain many condiments and dried spices.

The South:
In the South of Thailand there is an abundance of coconut trees and seafood. Food is renowned for being strong in taste; very hot, salty and sour. Spicy curries are eaten every day, especially coconut curry and sour curry. Generally Southerners eat more fish than meat, because they reside close to the sea. The most common dipping sauce or paste is nam phrik kapee (also called nam chuke), eaten with raw vegetables and crispy fried fish. This dipping sauce is prepared with the best quality shrimp paste (kapee or kuey), fresh chilies (prik kee noo), a bit of palm sugar and fresh lime juice.

Sabiang Thai brings you authentic dishes from every region of Thailand traditionally served using the fresh ingredients that are the hallmark of Thai cuisine. Every preparation and dish is overseen by a master...June herself...making sure every dish properly represents the flavors of her homeland.

We know you will enjoy your first visit to Sabiang Thai...and the many visits you will make once you experience our restaurant!


Chef 'Mike'
Mike & May
Mike and May

It is impossible to speak of McDonough's Sabiang Thai Restaurant without a few words about the Oudomhack Family who operates it. Proprietor & Executive Chef "Mike", wife May and the family moved to Henry county from Boca Raton, Florida to serve you, and your family and friends a special Thai treat.

Chef Mike’s culinary talents are well represented by his extensive Sabiang Thai Menu at the restaurant. However he is also a Sushi chef and plans to add a new Sushi Bar in the near future!

We hope you will visit us to enjoy our Great Food and Great Service soon! Chef Mike knows his food will make you happy!

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